Laiya Batangas

If you’re wondering what Filipinos are made of, you gotta keep reading, cause for once, you’d know a trivia right away. I’m not gonna make you read out a whole book of history, just this entry, which, I tell you, is more fun.

Well, we Filipinos are truly a bunch of fighters. We fight anything and everything under the sun. Even the sun itself! (Yeah, there goes my pun! Wink!)

Yey, let’s talk about the sun, sea and the sand! I’ll just walk you through this Laiya Batangas beach experience, and I hope this makes you want to go beach hoppin’ and get that super freakin’ hot tan (like I did!).

There’s been lots of booze and photos and food. I’d totally want to do this all over again, those stress-free, no work-related-worries week made me who I am today, and I’m forever grateful for that.


Our gears are ready!

Another feat that made me love that week was cooking and eating meals that we made from scratch. I don’t cook, to be honest, but I’m glad I’m with my awesome friends who did all my favorite squid dishes. Yas, I can still taste it. LOL. Just to be clear though, I may have not contributed anything to cooking, but I washed all them dishes, dude!

Wait did I mention that we had a whole island for ourselves for a day, uhm half-day? The best feeling ever! We specifically asked for the boatmen to keep us away from all the other people, so they did.

Most of our photos were taken here. Since we got on the island early, sun was still hiding behind the clouds, it was just too breezy to handle, the breeziest my skin have ever encountered if I must say. I can’t describe how we lost our chill with that kind of chill — it also rained for a few minutes. But all’s well that ends well, I got that complimentary tan I had ever wished for.

Look at this breath-taking panoramic view of our home for a almost a week! If I could stay there longer, I would have. This was what my soul was craving for. I nearly wished I was Moana!


If you need a break, go ahead and take one. Get out there and experience whatever your budget and time can buy you. No matter how many times you deny it to yourself because of deadlines, budget constraint, what have you, your mind and body would scream for it. It’s not a want, it’s a need. Life is all about balance. Now pick your silly butt up and plan for you much-awaited getaway! Oh and don’t forget to bring your partner or best bud for your anticipated instagrammable photos.

Check out my personal Instagram account for these photos: @camillebgrn


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