La Union

Boy, oh boy, this is what I like most about beaches, and I know you do, too. Aside from their naturally relaxing, work-free vibes, you get to witness how the skies turn into one colorful canvas. I'm kind of obsessed. Believe I have a Facebook album dedicated for these.   Of course, all trips won't … Continue reading La Union



I’ve been creating and writing for almost a year now, just not quite sure when exactly but it’s right around last year’s fourth quarter for sure. In such a short period of time, I can definitely say I have progressed with the will and determination to get better at it. I’ve never been more proud … Continue reading Calligra-versary

Sunny days

If you're wondering what Filipinos are made of, you gotta keep reading, cause for once, you'd know a trivia right away. I'm not gonna make you read out a whole book of history, just this entry, which, I tell you, is more fun. Well, we Filipinos are truly a bunch of fighters. We fight anything and everything … Continue reading Sunny days

Modern Calligraphy

It's been months since I started to take calligraphy seriously (or the other way around). It is indeed an expensive hobby. And that's why I'm trying my best now to show off my progress. LOL. Take note that you'd not only need to invest time and money on this. You need your mind and soul, … Continue reading Modern Calligraphy

Chipper Couch Potato

Enthusiastic crowd. Fans screaming at the top of their lungs. Players' game faces are on. Aces, blocks, spikes, three points, strikes or grand slams. The game just startled an idle soul. Watching basketball, volleyball, golf, tennis or baseball live in the field or arena stirs up one's spirit and boosts his belief and confidence towards … Continue reading Chipper Couch Potato